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If you are an industrial company in Mexico, you should consider us for your electricity. We're the trusted choice for competitive energy.


Here Are Five Important Reasons Leading Industrial Companies are Switching to RedEnergía

Predictable Pricing,
Inflation Protected

RedEnergía clients can save up to 25% compared to CFE's average rates from last year. Customers can choose between a fixed price or indexed products for consumption.

Today's global energy markets are more volatile than ever. Serious commercial and industrial energy managers can't expose their business to electricity tariffs set by CFE. RedEnergía removes these risks by offering simple, transparent and fixed electricity pricing.

Savings up to 25%. No interruptions when changing.

Plan your electricity costs for 3 years or more.

Clean Energy—On-Site or
Delivered via the Grid

We all need to be responsible for our impact on the environment. RedEnergía offers you the ability to design your own mix of energy to meet your specific needs. Not only is green energy better for the environment, but it can also be cheaper than traditional sources.

Let RedEnergía deliver your preferred mix of wind, solar, geothermal and hydroelectric energy.

Use green sources to meet goals, green your supply chain, promote your products, and for social responsibility.

Even our traditional electricity comes from new, efficient natural gas plants— and is cleaner and cheaper than traditional sources.

Emissions Reporting

Many of our large commercial and industrial customers need emissions reporting. If you need to meet international regulations on emissions reporting, RedEnergía has you covered. Our greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting tools use transparent methodologies that conform to EPA, GRI, and give you the data you need to earn the certifications your business may require.

Meet ESG requirements for global standards.

Understand your carbon footprint to assess climate impact.

On-Site Upgrades

RedEnergía can do more than simply provide clean, affordable power. We can also help you make necessary site improvements. Growing companies choose RedEnergía because we understand the changing needs of commercial and industrial customers. Let us help modernize your facilities.

RedEnergía can help you implement modern upgrades.

We offer cutting edge technology for power delivery.

We install new meters and equipment when required.

Fast, reliable and professional installation.

Transparent, Friendly & Responsive. Local Experts With Global Expertise.

RedEnergía was created to help Mexican companies better understand their energy supply options. Our bi-national US and Mexican team is passionate about all areas of energy. We have vast experience in international energy markets, leading to better savings for our customers. We're an experienced counter-party, so you can be sure switching to RedEnergía is a wise decision.

We respond quickly to all your questions and concerns, every step of the way.

Clear, transparent, and readable invoices. No hidden fees or surprises.

Fast, friendly and responsive bi-national customer service team.

Zero Political Risk

RedEnergía innovates energy, technology and sustainability in Mexico, not politics. RedEnergía only participates in the politically safe qualified supply market, not the controversial “self supply” market. As such, RedEnergía and its customers are protected from political risk because:

We pay our fair share of regulated transmission and distribution tariffs; the same rates CFE Suministro Basico pays.

CFE needs and appreciates the wholesale market we participate in to serve the vast majority of customers in Mexico.

The constitutional reform vote in April 2022 reinforced the permanency of Mexico's wholesale energy market, eliminating risk.

Leading Industrial Businesses are Switching to RedEnergía!

Join some of the world's largest companies in the switch to cheaper, greener energy from RedEnergía.

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